Frizzante 1754 on Draught

Take a look at our fabulous offer on Frizzante 1754, we are sure to whet your appetite with our low prices.
Italian sparkling wine is very much in vogue often out selling Champagne. It is more affordable and it doesn’t need to be a special occasion drink, it’s far more fashionable than Champagne and many would say it tastes better!
We are offering high quality Frizzante 1754 (fine Italian sparkling wine) in 20 litre non-returnable kegs. Once opened the keg has a 4 weeks shelf life and runs through your existing cooler.

  • No waste on half sold flat bottles
  • Easy to install
  • Makes many great cocktails
  • Unique selling point to your customers
  • Easy to serve
  • Fantastic profits

Prosecco 1754