We’ve done our best to answer the most common questions below and we hope you find the answer you need here. If however, you can’t find the answer that you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us as we’d be more than happy to help.

What is your Draught Product Frizzante 1754?

Frizzante 1754 is a fine Italian Sparkling Wine available on Draught


What could happen if I do refer to your Draught Product (Frizzante 1754) as Draught Prosecco in my bar?

It is possible that a fine could be imposed on you of up to €20,000.


How many 125ml glasses are in a keg?

There are 156 125ml glasses in one of our 20 litre kegs; there are actually 160 125ml glasses in a keg but we allow 4 glasses for the small residue left at the bottom when finished.


How should the Draught Product (Frizzante 1754) be served?

We recommend that our Frizzante 1754 is served in our branded 125ml government stamped Champagne style flutes.


What is the cost of a 125ml glass to me the retailer and what is the recommended retail price?

The cost of a 125ml glass to you would be just over one pound, £1.09 to be precise. Our recommended retail price is £3.95 per 125ml glass.


How long will a keg last once it has been breached?

The recommended life of a keg once breached is 4-6 weeks; the product may start to deteriorate after this period of time.


How long will an unopened keg last?

The recommended life of an un-breached keg is 12 months


Is delivery free of charge?

Yes standard deliveries are completely free of charge. If a Saturday delivery is required there will be a charge.


Do you provide free installation?

We will provide free installation and loan of dispense equipment anywhere in the UK completely free of charge; providing you purchase three of our kegs in advance via our website or on 01924 835109. All equipment must be returned if sale of our product ceases, we do need an e-signature completing prior to install agreeing to this. We only provide free installation to static sites such as bars and restaurants. If you would like an installation in a mobile bar please contact us regarding costs.


Can it be installed using a flash cooler?

A remote cooler system with a spare line; if you dont have a spare line then it can still be installed by replacing one of your other draught products.


Why does your Draught Product sometimes look flat when served on tap?

The presentation of our product looks perfect if served in the correct way with the correct glassware. Our Draught Product is just like any other draught product, it requires the right glassware, and glassware that has been properly maintained (glasses that have been regularly renovated) for presentation to be at its best. Although the product can look flat if served in poorly maintained glasses, or incorrect glassware, we can assure you that it is not. With each installation we provide specially designed Frizzante 1754 laser etched flutes free of charge; providing these glasses are maintained in the correct way each and every pour will be a perfect one. If you are concerned that our product is flat you can determine if it is by following these tips: 1. Empty the glass of Frizzante 1754 that looks flat, using the same glass, rinse and then fill with a branded draught larger, if the branded draught larger looks flat then this is a sign that the glassware is causing the problem and not the product. 2. Using a branded half pint larger glass, preferably Stella Artois, pour some of the Frizzante 1754 into the glass and check if the sparkle has improved. If the sparkle has improved and looks like it should then the product is not flat indicating that it is a glassware issue. Lastly, it is important to remember that our Draught Product is a semi sparkling wine and not a bubbly Champagne!