Have you ever dreamed of running your own business, being your own boss and working when you want and where you want? And even better, enjoying what you do? Perhaps our proven franchise program is exactly what you’ve been waiting for!


About our products       

As you may well know, Prosecco in the UK has had an unbelievable spike in popularity, finally overtaking Champagne in terms of market share during 2016. And things only look to get better as a 14% sales growth over the next 5 years is forecast! [source]

We sell two main products; Frizzante 1754 (a kegged sparkling wine) and Prosecco 1754, a bottled prosecco made from 100% Glera grape from the Veneto region of Northern Italy.


Why our Franchise Program Works

Now for the best bit – our product. We sell both our Frizzante 1754 on Keg and our Prosecco 1754 bottles at such great prices that the potential profit is huge. A 20L keg of Frizzante costs a mere  £174.99 plus VAT and can fill 160 125ml glasses. The RRP of these glasses are anywhere from between £3.95 per glass to £5.95 per glass. That means that one keg alone can generate between £457 – £777 profit!


What’s included in the program

By joining our Franchise program, not only do you get access to our top selling products, but you’ll also receive training, point of sale equipment, and the best bit; your own prosecco van!

We’ll do our best to help you on your way to success using our dedicated and experienced team to ensure you make the most of this lucrative opportunity. The cost of the van, equipment,training, setup and our guidance, plus the rights to sell our two flagship products; Prosecco 1754 and Frizzante 1754 are all being offered at the unmissable price of only £14,995 + VAT.


But what if you’re still not convinced?

If you’re still not convinced that this is a not-to-be-missed opportunity, then take a look at these figures as they speak for themselves:

  • Initial Cost of Van + comprehensive franchise package: £14,995
  • Possible profit per keg of Frizzante 1754 sold: £777
  • Total kegs needed to be sold to pay off the initial investment: 20.

That’s right, after selling only 20 kegs you’d have paid off the initial funds that you invested into having your own business. We’ve only used the Frizzante 1754 product in this example to keep it simple but by selling the bottles of Prosecco 1754 alongside the Frizzante 1754 on tap, it’s clear that joining our franchise can be even more profitable still.


Recommended places to sell

We can recommend weddings, stadiums, race courses, food and drink fares and general parties as good places to start selling Prosecco 1754 and Frizzante 1754, however, there really is no limit as to where you decide to sell.


How to find out more information

If you’re interested in joining our franchise program or have any questions, then please get in touch using our contact form or by calling us on 01924 835109 and we’ll be happy to help.

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